Upcoming Oasis Events: 

  • Oasis Home Bible Study on Saturday May 4 at the home of Drs. Imad and Laila Jarjour from 7-9 PM. We will have music and worship, Bible study, dessert, and sweet fellowship. We will continue our study in Paul’s Letter to the Philippians 1:20-26. 
  • Oasis Regular Meeting from 5-7 PM on Saturday May 11 at First Presbyterian Church. Our guest speaker is Dr. Calvin Wilson, past Chairman and Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado in Denver. He and his wife Mimi served the Lord as missionaries to Ecuador for 9 years. Please invite friends to this great meeting, and come meet our wonderful speaker.  
    • Oasis Regular meetings are in room LC181/185. The best place to park is to drive into Oakdale Street from Main Street and turn right into North Parking Lot. Please see map for directions (FPC Lvl 1 map with parking); Room LC181/185 is highlighted in yellow.
  • Oasis Home Bible Study from 7-9 PM on June 1 at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Emad and Christine Asham

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