The Medical Center in Houston is the largest medical center in the world with over one million patients and visitors going through its hospitals and clinics every year. The Medical Center is like a city within Houston, where the need to share the love of God is so great among numerous social and ethnic groups.

Oasis Medical Fellowship (OMF) is an interdenominational Christian ministry to help encourage healthcare students and medical professionals and support other medical Christian ministries at the Medical Center. Oasis motto is to “Refresh one another and serve Christ together.”

OMF is reaching out to hundreds of medical and dental students, residents, specialists, and other medical professionals, who come to the Medical Center from all over Texas, other US States, and from all over the world for training and work. Many among them face tremendous challenges as they move to a new city or country. Spiritually speaking, they find themselves in a desert, thirsty for the living waters of God’s love and the lovely fellowship of good friends.

This is what OASIS at the Medical Center stands for:

Outreach and evangelism

A Adoration, praise, and worship of Jesus Christ our Lord

S Social support, friendship, and discipleship

I Intercessory prayer

S Service and ministry, locally and globally, through churches and missions

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